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My First Ever Concert!

Any instrumentalist or singer remembers the first time they performed on a stage. Some were nervous as could be and others were so confident that you wouldn't believe this was their first concert. For me, it was more of the first one. My first concert was when I was in third grade and I was nervous!

For almost the entire school year, everyone in my grade had been receiving weekly lessons for the big concert in the spring. I felt confident during rehearsals, but when the concert came, I have to admit, I felt a little nauseous. Was I scared of the people watching me? Was I afraid of the possibility of making a noticeable mistake? I wasn't sure, but I still had the determination to do my best in this concert.

We waited in the warm-up room, but sooner or later, it was going to be concert time. Then, I remember my orchestra conductor announcing to the ensemble that it was our turn. As we walked onto the stage, my heart was beating really fast, but then again so was every other third grader’s. It was completely normal to feel this way, but it still felt uncomfortable. We took our seats and I recall immediately staring out into the audience, seeking for my parents. When I saw their faces, they were smiling. My nervousness was eased a little.

Our conductor walked onto the stage and everyone clapped. He looked us all in the eye reassuringly. I grew more confident that I would do well. As he lifted his baton for our bows to go up, I felt a little shaky. And then...we started playing. Our sound was great, for a third grade orchestra, and I played everything with happiness and confidence. Did I have any mess-ups? Yes, but only a few here and there. Once we played our final note, the crowd started cheering and clapping so loud, I thought I was going to go deaf! I felt so proud of myself, and suddenly didn't feel nervous at all.

After the concert, I learned that it is normal to get butterflies at the first concert. It may have been nerve-racking at first, but after my first concert concluded, I was ecstatic, and my parents were proud of me, too. As you perform in more concerts, you become more confident and comfortable. I will never forget that day. Just remember, you can do it.

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