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Why is Music Important to me?

Music is an important part of my life in so many ways, both emotionally and spiritually. On the emotional level, music is very important because I can express my emotions through it. Whether I am playing an upbeat jazz chart on alto sax, or a slow classical piece on piano, I am able to express the emotions that I have in ways that I wouldn’t be able to through any other activity. Music is not all the same; It has moods, and those moods are available for interpretation. Also talking about the emotional benefits of music, it is so pleasing to me to be able to sit down with friends and just play the music on our minds. Music is like another form of communication, only between instruments. On a spiritual level, music acts as something that nothing else could be: It is my happy place, the place where I am most calm. Everybody has some activity that they do to escape from the world and calm themselves. For me, that is music. Whenever I am stressed out, upset, or sad, I can simply sit down on my piano and convey my feelings into music. Finally, music is just something that I love to do. To be able to use sounds and rhythms, and then to shape them into an emotional story is such an amazing concept for me. All of these things (and more) are reasons to why music is important to me.

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