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We believe that every student should have access to a quality music education.


Positive Notes is a student-led project of the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County (YOBC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Positive Notes was established by Charlotte Avril and a team of YOBC students to support music education in Bucks County schools that have either reduced or eliminated their instrumental music programs. We do this by collecting used instruments (and financial contributions to purchase new instruments) and by raising funds for after-school teachers for YOBC's Students In Concert program.

Along with fundraising for Students In Concert (SIC), we offer instrumental lesson videos produced by student board members. These videos are available to all SIC members on this website. Beginner SIC students can also set up free, private lessons with our board of volunteer, advanced student tutors through video chat or in person. We have seen an increase in demand for these video chat lessons during COVID-19.

In addition, we recently began supporting two international nonprofits that provide music programs for children. In 2019, we delivered musical recorders and a complete lesson plan, including music books that we developed, to Sueños, a nonprofit that provides educational support to children in Antigua, Guatemala. This year, we have been collecting brass instruments for Sylvia's Children, which supports a school in Masaka, Uganda.

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