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-Positive Notes Board-

Charlotte Avril | Founder & Director

Charlotte, a 12th grader at Abington Friends School, founded Positive Notes in 8th grade. She is excited to see how the organization's board and mission have grown over the years. Charlotte plays flute and piccolo both alone and with ensembles. This year she is principal flute of the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County’s Fanfare Winds and Symphony Orchestra, and she plays in her school's band, orchestra, and chamber group. This past spring, she placed 2nd chair in the PMEA district 11 auditions, and was accepted into the PMEA all-state concert band.


Nick Cideciyan | Board Member & Teacher

Nick is currently in 12th grade at Abington Friends School. He started playing the cello in fifth grade and loves encouraging young people to take up the instrument. He is a part of his school's orchestra and string ensemble. In addition to playing the cello, Nick also enjoys running, traveling, and musical theater. During high school, he has participated in every one of his school's theater productions.

Ezra Greenberg | Board Member & Teacher 

Ezra is an 11th grader at Pennsbury High School, and has been a member of Positive Notes since it began when he was in 7th grade! He plays cello with both his school orchestra and the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County's Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, he studies piano and music theory. One of his favorite pieces on cello is Gabriel Fauré's Élégie because of its beautiful melodies and the sense of longing it invokes.

Emma Strom | Board Member & Teacher

Emma Strom is an 11th grader at Central Bucks East High School. She has played viola for almost eight years and participated in her middle school’s honors orchestra and Ripieno in Youth Orchestra of Bucks County. Her favorite pieces to play are the Bach Cello Suites  and the music of Lindsey Stirling because of the fun and intricate melodies. Emma joined Positive Notes last year and is looking forward to do more work for the organization.


Samay Ruparelia | Board Member

Samay Ruparelia is in 11th grade at Neshaminy High School. He plays the cello in his school orchestra and the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County, and has participated in multiple music festivals outside of school. In 2018, he went on tour to Spain with YOBC. The cello has brought Samay many fun adventures and memories that he won’t forget. Along with the cello, he also plays alto sax, baritone sax, and piano, and is now learning the bassoon!

Avril Tully | Board Member & Teacher

Avril Tully is in 10th grade at Beacon High School in New York. She plays the cello, the electric bass, and the ukulele at her high school and with friends. She also takes voice lessons and participates in singing opportunities in and outside of school. She is excited to be a part of Positive Notes and to help other kids who love music to get the resources that they need. Avril is available to give voice lessons through our tutor program.


Noah Vinogradov | Board Member & Teacher

Noah is a 12th grader at Abington Friends School. He has loved music ever since he was little, as he has played piano since he was four years old. He also picked up clarinet in fifth grade, and from there, started playing saxophone in sixth. His favorite thing about playing music is that he can express his feelings through his instruments, and that it can calm him down to play music.


Jennifer Wang | Board Member & Teacher

Jennifer Wang is an 11th grader at Pennsbury High School. She plays the violin with her school symphonic orchestra as well as with Philharmonia in the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County. Her favorite composer is Mozart because of his beautiful melodies in addition to his light and airy style. Jennifer is thrilled to be working with the other students in Positive Notes!


Jessica Wang | Board Member Emeritus

Jessica Wang graduated from Council Rock High School South in 2020. She played the clarinet with her school's Symphony Orchestra and with the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County. Her favorite thing about the clarinet is that it has a beautiful, rich sound. She is grateful that playing clarinet in various musical groups has allowed her to meet many wonderful people. She began studying at Princeton University the fall of 2020, and will continue participating in music groups there.

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Maria Kesisoglou | Board Member & Teacher 

Maria is a 9th grader at New Hope Solebury High School. She started learning piano from a young age, and has played oboe since 5th grade, in both school and county orchestras like the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County. This is her first year with Positive Notes and she is excited to work with the organization in the upcoming year!

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