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How music brings hope in uncertain times

We are living in uncertain times. Because of COVID-19, many people are in shelter-in-place indefinitely. Our circumstances change each day, and it is difficult to predict what may happen. In times like these, music truly becomes a bonding force. We are united by the presence of music in our lives, and it inspires us to stay strong and persevere through our lock-downs.

A recent example of music’s ability to comfort us in difficult times was seen in Italy earlier this month. As many know, Italy is one of the countries that has been most severely affected by COVID-19. As of March 29th, 2020, according to WorldOMeter, there have been 97,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Italy thus far.

The citizens of Italy are currently in lock-down, and must stay inside. However, we have seen neighbors going onto their balconies and singing their national anthem together (linked below). Although they are unable to interact with their community physically, the citizens of Italy have decided to bond and show their solidarity to their country through music. Music has become a creative release for these people, and their resilience and love for music inspires others worldwide.

Italians Sing during COVID-19 Lock-Down:

For instance, in Chicago, many residents have been inspired to sing together from their respective homes as well. On March 21st, 2020, residents of Chicago organized a sing-along to Bon-Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” There was even a Facebook event page for the sing-along. Jenni Spinner and Rebecca Kell, the organizers of the sing-along, say that they will continue planning similar musical events each Saturday until the lock-down ends.

Other musical activities during the shelter-in-place include livestreams of various artists through social media. Many famous singers, including Coldplay and John Legend, are participating in a #TogetherAtHome Concert Series, where fans are able to watch their favorite artists perform from home using Instagram Live.

In short, music has no small role during our COVID-19 lock-downs. Music has become a way for people to stay connected to their communities despite being shut inside. Here at Positive Notes, we hope that you are also using music to help you during this difficult time. Perhaps you may practice your instrument more, or watch a livestream concert through Instagram. It’s up to you! We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe, and we’ll see you once we can!

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