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Making the most out of Zoom lessons

Positive Notes tutor lessons have always been virtual, but our switch to Zoom has brought new opportunities for better quality lessons. We have a few tips for changing your Zoom audio settings to make the most of your Positive Notes lessons (or any lessons).

To access your audio settings, click the arrow next to the microphone in the bottom left corner of your Zoom screen.

1) Under the input volume slider, uncheck "automatically adjust microphone volume." Since Zoom is meant as a conversation platform, it sometimes recognizes music as background noise. Changing this setting will prevent the automated reduction of background noise (and your instrument)! Also turn the "suppress background noise" setting to low.

2) Click "advanced settings" at the bottom of the audio settings page. Switch echo cancellation from "aggressive" to "auto."

3) Still in the advanced settings section, check the option to show "enable original sound." This is another way of preventing Zoom from incorrectly interpreting and suppressing instrument noise.

4) Check the "high fidelity music mode" option. This will increase your audio quality on Zoom.

Good luck with your Zoom lessons!


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